i´m michelle
a.k.a michee

i´m a graphic designer
i´m an illustrator
i´m a food source for brain slugs*

*Ya´know...the kind that feeds on creativity and weird imaginations.


Design. Doodle. Maybe grab a coffee, then design and doodle some more. Just doing what I love and love what
I'm doing.


Typography, photography, vector/hand drawn illustrations, infographics, branding and print design.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, MS Office and QuarkXpress.

Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS, Final Cut and AfterEffects.

Proficient in Mac/PC platforms. Experience with French copy.

education & training:

York University/Sheridan College
Bachelor of Design Honors Degree

Seneca College
Advanced Adobe Illustrator Course
Summer 2012

work experience:

Raining Creative
Graphic Designer Internship
Summer 2006 and Summer 2007

Fuel Advertising
Graphic Designer

Visual.ly Marketplace
Freelance Creative Director / Lead Designer

contact me

let's get in touch and mingle
let's chit-chat about nonsense
let's create beautiful designs together
...and remember kids, always practice safe design - use concepts!

Michelle Lee
Toronto, Ont, Canada